Volunteering Opportunities

One of the age-old travel advice has been – do what the locals do. Indeed, the best way to travel and experience a place is to go native. At Devour, guests can get this opportunity through volunteering. What better way to travel responsibly than to share a little of your time, knowledge and skill with the place.
Within the walls of the Darbargarh, it also runs The White Eagles School, started by our family. This is a boarding school affiliated to CBSE, with the strength of 250 students; and a student to teacher ratio of 10:1. The guests are welcome to participate in the activities of the school for a duration that suits them. We welcome new exposure and experiences that you will bring to our students.

Volunteer Experiences

“Spending close to two months with the kids at The White Eagles School was one of the most memorable periods of my life. Having no prior experience in teaching, it was a journey of self-discovery and I think the kids taught me a great deal about myself. Not the least of which being - the youngest of them are the scariest !!
I was allowed to implement my thoughts and a suggestion or two were always made ready by the very experienced and immensely helpful Mr. Jadeja. I would have never felt this attached to Devpur, or Kutch at large if I had come here as a tourist on a 5-day visit. The nods of recognition when I walked around the village, the numerous cups of tea offered by the locals just like that, the regular shouts of “good morning ma’am”, and the overall belonging have deeply enhanced my experience of Kutch.
My expectations of stay were basic when I landed here, as I was a volunteer and not a homestay guest. But, never for once, did I miss being away from my family. The hospitality you get here is fresh and wonderfully different from the commercial fakeness that we are so used to. The cheerful dinner time conversations and the ever-supportive nature of the Jadeja family made my stay warm and loving. That Mr. Jadeja is an expert on the destinations around, is more than what I could have asked for as a traveler.”

Volunteering at The White Eagles School, Devpur

Volunteering at the school and interacting with the locals here is a highly recommended way of experiencing the authenticity and genuine hospitality of Kuchchh and rural India in general, literally far from the maddening crowds of cities and hectic lives.
Shri Krutarthsinh Jadeja, our host, and guide during our time at The White Eagles has become our mentor on this journey of self-discovery as volunteers and alternative travel buffs. He has provided us with unrelenting support and a unique environment to contribute value to the students, and at the same time, making it possible for us to explore and absorb the ethereal landscapes and hidden treasures of Kutch.
Dining with the gregarious, graceful and loving family of our hosts while interacting with a fairly diversified set of guests at the Devpur Homestay gave us some of the many cherished experiences and memories to take onward with us. The White Eagles are a joyous and welcoming community that freely share insights and leave no stones unturned in exploring ideas and taking initiatives. A lot of zest and zeal are nurtured in the students here with small and practical steps to provide them exposure to a globalized world. At the same time, the liveliness of working among young children has reignited the spark of our own curiosity and imagination, while learning to relish the simpler and slow-paced pleasures of life.