Kutch Itineraries

21 December, 2020

Bhuj is about 5 hours' drive from Ahmedabad. If you can make it to Shrujan LLDC museum have their simple thali lunch and visit the Museum. Devpur is a further hour's drive and reach late evening.

22 December, 2020

Please, pre book your birding trip with Jugal Tiwari and his cell number is +91 98252 48135. He conducts Birding Trips to Chhari Dhandh and all three of you will enjoy this unique experience. His set up is about 15 kms from us and pls request him for a morning Safari, bonnet breakfast and lunch at his place after the safari. Post lunch visit Kutch Fossil Park, Thaan monastery, Nirona village (www.traditionalroganart.com and copper bell & lacquer work artisans) and return home to Devpur by dinner time.

23 December, 2020

Visit our mango orchard and Farmstay and leave for north - Book online the Rann Permit https://www.rannpermit.com/ and visit Bhirandiyari, Khavda, Magnetic zone, Kalo Dungar and Rann Utsav and sunset at the White Rann. Pre book your lunch and / or dinner at http://www.mahefeelerannresort.com/ Return home to devpur for the night stay.

24 December, 2020

Leave after breakfast and visit Mandvi town, ship building yard, ship model making workshop, Shyamji Krishna Verma memorial. The quintessential thali lunch at Osho Lodge and Vijay Vilas Palace and beach. Return to Devpur for night stay.

25 December, 2020

Will you have time to visit Kutch museum, Pragmahal, Aina mahal, and then proceed on your onward journey, else keep one or two palace museum visit on 23rd morning.